How does a few days break affect your knowledge?

From beginning of L1, I took the habit to study at least a little each day during 6 months. Early in June, I had to leave my review away completely for (only) 3-4 days. The restart was painful: I experienced a big lapse of memory. Did someone live the same?

That happens to me every day!

Can’t wait to get over this level 3 and start enjoying life. Side note, take vitamin B12… helps with memory

Eze is definitely onto something w/ that B12 idea; also please consider listening to some classical music for memory help. For your last push, I recommend limiting the time spent on news, current events, social media, and “noise” in general. Also keep clear of too much booze Hahaha (party afterwards if you want LOL) and eat well, sleep well and reward yourself w/ a nice peaceful walk, movie or car ride as you finish milestones. Hey, you’ve made it this far…finish strong and be confident!!! Good luck!!

Do you want to go through all of this sh!t again next year? Use that as your motivational factor…


Way ahead of you on that one. :slight_smile: