How does finquiz rate to real exam?

Hi all, I have ordered schweser notes only package and will be using CFAI to study and do EOC q’s from. I went against ordering qbank because of the terrible things i heard about it. Finquiz has been discussed on the forum but i would like to know if any of you have tried it and how u feel about it? Those of you who used ELAN guides, is finquiz similiar? Is it any good?

Pros 1. Practice questions require coneptual understanding. 2. Each question focuses on different concept 3. More than 4 thousand questions 4. More useful in areas of FSA, Quants, Portfolio, Derivatives, Econ, Fixed Income 5. I can recall two specific concepts tested in actual exams that were not touched by Schweser but learned through giving Mock Exam of Finquiz. (can’t share due to ethics :-)) 6. Brutal Mock Exam. (some disliked this fact but I prefer to be challenged to the max) 7. Terminology used was similar to Curriculum. Schweser uses abbreviations different than curriculum at some places. For example, I had no idea about “Multiple R”, MSS, GLS, in regression after reading Schweser. When I tried EOC questions of curriculum I had real difficulty in understanding terminology. Finquiz explained all these adequately. 8. Ability to bookmark questions was really helpful. I was able to review all important questions in couple of hours. 9. There were topics missed by Schweser completely. For example, inverse floater in MBS, a lot in PBO calculation in FSA, reclassification of investments in FSA and many more that I can’t recall right now. 10. Best part was tutorial support. All of my questions were answered. They even helped me in my queries from Schweser Notes and curriculum. 11. Audio summaries were helpful. I liked voice as well. Listening was fun. Cons 1. Some grammatical mistakes in questions. 2. Tests can only be created at LOS levels. I wanted ability to create tests at sub-LOS level like Schweser. 3. No item sets except the mock exam. After doing mock exam, I wanted to practice more similar questions. It is good that they are now offering itemsets as well. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

could not have asked for a better review. Thanks alot. I ordered Finquiz now. Good luck with L3 :slight_smile:


Thanks Mitchells…good review. I hope you are not a mole for finiquiz though :slight_smile:

It is just that I am pissed off by Schweser and Stalla and I like these Finquiz guys. When you are part of a multibillion dollar market cap organization (Schweser is owned by The Washington Post Company and Stalla is owned by DeVry University) and you have employed hundreds of staff, you are expected to produce excellent material. However, these new guys at finquiz are able to cover curriculum much better than these old stalwarts.

does make sense , are you a L2 candidate ? Repeat ?

I smell a rotten egg with these FinQuiz promos popping up every once in a while

No. I am battling with IPS in Level 3 now. I really learned a lot from Schweser Notes in Level 2 but I think they need to update notes and definitely improve quality of Qbank. For NYCGorilla - the best thing to evaluate quality of any practice question provider is to attempt their sample material. I recommend have a look at their sample questions. I am confident you will be as excited as I was when I came across these questions and thought Thank God someone can really understand and explain issues like PBO in FSA. Do come back and share your opinion

I used Finquiz last year. However I only used them for the last two weeks to drill concepts and keep everything fresh. For what I wanted it for, it worked a treat. I did find a few grammatical errors also. I think Qbank is OK for level 2 if you stay away from the vignettes. I found them too verbose. Schweser mock questions are very good for reviewing though. However, as per level 1, the most realistic questions come from the CFAI samples and mock exam.