How does your study space look right before the exam?

Here’s Mine:

Going to try to review as many mocks as I can tonight.

Tornado alley

All the world is as it should be:

Nice! Ubuntu laptop?

Originally Windows XP. But fully turned to Ubuntu 6 years ago :wink:

Haha nice thread, took a picture now :smiley:

very nice view roy!

Thanks :slight_smile:

5 out of 5 have the old model calculator. whats the appeal?

I have the BA-II Plus behind my computer.

That doesn’t look like Canada, more like North Point/Quarry Bay? :slight_smile:

Hung Hom (Laguna Verde). Just finished my Bachelor in CDN when I started on AF. Was doing my Masters last in you UK, then I moved back to Hong Kong this year. Your view is familiar too, just too tired to pin point it. Good luck and see you tomorrow maybe

Yes overlooking Hung Hom, but refeering to the location of your desk :slight_smile:

I’m sitting in Mid-Levels next to the escalator that travels through SoHo, it’s ICC you see in the background, HK’s tallest building. Well I won’t recognize you, but yes good luck :slight_smile: