How dumb can you be...

Meh, at least the person who chose to instruct her was hurt, and not some random bystander.


Can you also post the craigslist ad where the girl want to marry a guy who makes 500k per year? That’s news, too.

Can we (and by that I mean a certain small group of posters that does not include myself) stop creating new threads with just a link or just a copy pasta story from somewhere? I don’t mind the news stories (or whatever), but how about actually giving your opinion on why you think it’s interesting.

Don’t just say “discuss” and leave. To me, that just seems like you’re either lazy, heard about the story from somewhere and you’re unable to form your own opinion so you put it out there for us to give you some ideas, or you’re trolling.

If you want to add valuable content to this board, start the discussion yourself.

Edit: My post should probably be moved to the Feedback Forum.

So you have chosen death.

This. And where the f is the feedback forum?

Note to self: Don’t try to teach my 9-year-old to shoot an Uzi.

Darwin award. Letting a little girl handle a military grade weapon without any safety.

Almost as dumb as this man:

But, but…guns don’t kill people ; people kill people !!!11!!!11111!!!111111!!eleven!!!

Bullets, fired from guns, held by people kill people.

The article does seem to speak to the power of prayer…

All i’m saying is that guns are bad. And it is proven beyond doubt by what just happened.

They are bad. Without guns the native Americans would have kept their lands, the reigns of European monarchy would probably have continued, and militia of the people against tyrannical reign would not have materialized.


Pencils are also bad, because they misspell words.

And computers are also bad, because they steal identities.

And cars are bad, because they crash into each other.

All of this is proven beyond any kind of doubt, discussion, or argument from any of you fools.


I think it’s time for the world to hold China accountable.

Technically not the Chinese fault. They invented gunpowder but it was used for fun and celebrations, the West were the ones that weaponized it

Catastrophic damage caused by bullets that hit people fired from guns with the safety off held by people with use of their digits kill people. Sounds like a lot has to go right for a person to die this way, not that dangerous.

Are there no state laws (in Nevada or other states) that govern the use of firearms at shooting ranges?