How early can I get Schweser notes?

When is the earliest I can get the new version of Schweser notes for Level II for NEXT year (June 2010)? Sorry for the stupid question…just trying to schedule it all into a very busy year coming up. Thanks!

Oops, next year would be 2009.

Probably in October or November 2008. The new notes and changes in all learning outcome statements will have to be launched from CFA Institute. Then the team (and everyone on the Pilot Project) will have to revise the material and run pre-tests on it. So I’d say the books might land in your mailbox around November. If you want to start early you could e.g. use last years notes (2007) to work through those parts of the curriculum that rarely change. That would require you to get hold of someones used set of study notes, however. The material seems to be shifted in/out of the various levels every now and then.