How far along are u?

yep,finish book 1 schweser, haven’t had any problem so far and i hope it would be the same for the rest topics to get more time on practising.

Just got an email that some of my Schweser 2013 materials shipped today so I’ll be starting next week.

I’m still at Zero. Think I’ll join in around February. I’m a retaker though.

I’m finishing off book 3 within the next couple days. . . but I started with book 2, wanted to leave ethics 'til later so that it stays fresh in my head. I’m doing the EOC’s as well.

Congrats on starting so early, just remember that level 3 is deceptively hard. It seems fairly easy while you’re reading it but when you go to answer the questions and you have to apply what you learned, you realize how subtle and difficult the material is. So build in time to go back and reread the material to clarify things you missed the first pass through.

You won’t have any problems understanding any of the material. To do well on the morning exam, however, you have to really know the material.

Thanks for your advice, Hank Moody. Anw, could you tell a bit more speficic how we should study and practise to know the material well or any tips, if possible.

It’s certainly much more qualitative in nature, compared to Level 2. (That is, less formulas and “plug & chug”.) That tends to make me believe that it’s easier.

That being said, I’m not sure if the EXAM is easier. They could ask questions in such a way where you have to recall some really obscure information that you just glossed over, because after all, it’s “easy, non-quantitative material.” That’s what I’m afraid of on the exam.

I’ve done one reading on behavioural finance. Plan on finishing that section this week. I do feel like I should have started a little earlier though but I was still recovering from level 2.

OMG I am just going to start studying and people have already finished 2 books! Yikes!

Taking GMAT tomorrow. If that goes well I might crack open the books next week.

read 1 page and passed out