How far along are u?

Im worried that Im behind. On book 2, page 90.

most ppl start studying around Feb…you are not behind anything lol

I’m starting my second trimester thanks for asking.


Yes, you should have completed at least 2 of the books by now you lazy sloth.

I skipped Ethics. Now I’m in Institutional Investors.

However, I have to start early, because I’m a CPA in a tax practice. I may not get to study much (if at all) in February, March, or the first part of April. After that, I’ll be cramming like crazy.

If I didn’t have a seasonal job, I would probably wait until after the holidays.

finished book 1 , and in the middle of book 2, planning to finish by mid march.

you guys are in well shape huh :slight_smile: I started this week with book 2.

Finished book 2 last night, including EOC questions along the way, hope to start Book 3 this evening.

Ideally I would like to read all 6 of the books once by the end of the year, that way I can get a picture of the curriculum and then back to work on areas I was less sure of, then just hit EOC and mocks, hopefully learning by my mistakes?

you guys completed alot so early…be careful of burnout though :slight_smile:

Burnout hasn’t been a problem for me in the past.

Panic and not having enough time to learn from my mistakes was what killed me on Level 2, when I failed the first time.

I’ve gone through 9 study sessions so far of the CFAI books. My game plan is to read everything once by mid December, take a week or two off, and then read through everything again while doing as many tests as possible.

(I failed L2 and want to nail this on the first attempt).

good luck guys :slight_smile:

I have a similar plan. Finish reading all CFAI books by Dec. Watch videos and review notes/areas I highlighted in books for 3 months, then practice tests for 2 months. Study 1.5-2 hrs a day. Hope it works. I just hate cramming, did it for L2 and got my first gray hair - not trying to do that again.

first grey hair?! old are you Captain?

Im old man but too young for grays. 25.

haha cool…

You guys are scaring me… I am planning to start on Nov 18 :wink:

Guys who already started … What do you feel about the materials’ difficulty so far compared to Level II ?


early to say , but its okay till now .