How far along are you?

I am halfway through Book 3 and feel as though I am running behind. Where is everyone else on progress?

On your first read through?

Yep, thus the post

I feel I may have peaked too early…I’ve already read the GARP books, the Schweser Books and been through all the Bionic Turtle material and practice questions…Still with 40 days to go before the exam.

im getting so sick and tired of going over the same sh!t over and over again.

Im ready to take the exam now…although they are famous last words if ever I heard some haha

You did a great job, S666. How tough are the questions in the FRM exam? That’s because, the questions given in Schweser Question Bank are too simple . Which material/Practice Book has questions that are closer to the real level of FRM?

I haven’t actually sat the exam yet, so I can’t say for sure which questions are/are not representative of the actual exam…but from people I’ve spoken to and information read online the consensus seems to be as follows:

Schweser material is easy to read but it glosses over a lot of the details, doesn’t go deep enough at all and places candidates into a false sense of security. The end of chapter questions are ridiculously easy and not even worth the effort in my opinion. The Schweser practice tests are also pretty easy…I scored around 85% in both mocks and each one only took me about 2 hours. So yeah…Schweser has a bit of a bad reputation for FRM.

The GARP practice exams are apparently slightly below the difficulty people encounter on the real exam apparently (remember this is just what I’ve been told). I’ve taken a couple of GARP mocks so far and scored around 70-80%. The GARP mocks only consist of 25 questions but it took me about an hour to complete each one…so the questions are definitely harder than the Schweser ones.

Then there is Bionic Turtle. Their study material is ok…not great, but it definitely doesn’t shy away from some of the more difficult FRM concepts as Schweser does. The study material is quite compact though, so it’s probably better used if you either already have a solid quant background or as review after going through the official GARP material. The Bionic Turtle practice questions are where they really come into their own. There are loads of practice questions provided and lots of them are apparently a notch or two above the difficulty expected on the real exam, while others apparently match the difficulty there or there abouts.

I feel pretty well prepared and I can happily say that is mostly down to drilling so many difficult BT practice questions.

I guess only time will tell if it has been enough to pass the exam, but the short answer to your question is that is you want practice questions to go through that are actually useful, it really HAS to be Bionic Turtle.

Hey S666,

Tremendous achievemnt on your prep. Hats off to you.

Was wondering if you could share the BT practice question bank. Would be really appreciated



Hi unni… Thanks :slight_smile:

With regard to the BT practice questions, unfortunately they are not in a “question bank” format per se and are spread across multiple PDF files scattered across the study planner resources…so they aren’t really in an easily shareable format.

Also, I am quite sure it is against GARP code of ethics to distribute copywrited material so for that reason too I am unable to share.

You can sign up for the BT resources at…sorry I can’t be more help, but I would recommend signing up if you are able.

cheers :slight_smile:

Sure thing, S666. Understand your point. Propose to obtain the material from BT directly. Good luck on the exam.