How far along are you?

Life took over and it kept me too busy until now. I officially cracked the books open today and am hoping that I can make up for lost time.

Anybody done with less that 25% of the material or are you pretty much done with the first reading?

I am unemployed :(.

I started reading first page of CFAI on Feb 14th. As of 2 days ago, I finished 6 volumes and done all EOCs once. I am reading secret sauce today and will finish it in 4 days just to fresh my memory. Come april, I will go through schweser and do all the concept checkers (for the first time) +EOCs (second time)+some misc questions other than practice exams (and maybe Blue boxes). Come May, I will hit the practice exams.

Started in November. I have gone in order and I am wrapping up Risk Management tonight and will finish volume 6 by the end of the week.

passme…high five fellow unemployed person…November is an awefully early start…

It was really light studying in November, 15 hours. Just tried to get my mind back on track after having failed last year, then regrouping to take the CAIA Level II in September. Right now, I wish I would have put in more hours in November.

I’ve finished all books once (schweser), and did all EOCs, cencept checkers once as well. I’m going through the EOCs now, realizing how little I actually remember and reading sections I don’t understand.

^ that sounds about right.

Yet to start. Yesterday I had two redbulls because I was pumped to study. Then I said why dont I climb up the stairs a couple of time before I start so that I am even more awake. After going up 120 floors, I showered and went to bed.

I wonder what will keep me from studying today.

Whatz Up!

I started studying on March 1 for the level II exam.

I started studying on March 3 for the level III exam.

Don’t worry too much about when you start; what really matters is how many hours you are able to put in.

I should be finishing up SS13 (Alternative Investments) tonight. Plan do be done all readings/EOC questions by end of April which will leave me 32 days to review. I still feel like I am running short on time…