How good are the sample exams?

Hi all, Just thought to ask your views on the sample exam (not mock). i found them relatively easy perhaps not representative of real test. S

i thought the second one was easy and the last was okay.

The consensus from the many many many posts on this site is that the CFAI sample exam questions and CFAI mock exam questions are the questions that are most similar to what you will see on the actual exam. Many people who have taken level 1 have left posts on this site saying that many of the questions on the sample/mock exams were word for word the same as on the actual test day.

NYLS, if we divide the mock and sample and then talk about sample alone. Mock was pretty challenging. S

I agree !! I still review the Q i missed on the mocks … I think schweser should try to focus more on the real exam rather than getting us crushinf numbers got to go back to Q now :wink: