How good are these?

hey, this is great…but like you, I also wud very much looking for some comments first before I pay up…I was so much looking for these…Schweser is a bit costly…but this is too good to be true… PLEASE COMMENT GUYS…

never heard of them, Schweser and Stalla are the gold standards. I prefer Schweser and using their materials for level one I was more than adequately prepared and would rec the stuff to anyone. You can try to save money now if you want, but if you fail it would cost you more to retake it.

Stick with what is proven. Schweser and Stalla are big and reliable providers of CFA exam prep products, there are a couple smaller 3rd party suppliers that are fairly good as well. I am more concerned when a product is significantly cheaper then its next rival…its all about a solid analysis and what your comfortable with. Ultimately QBANK/Passmaster are the keys to success, so don’t forget to get some sort of question bank.

Think about the cost benefit analysis. I don’t know how much the notes cost from that web site, but you will probably save about $300-400 dollars by purchasing those instead of Stalla/Schweser. But the test costs about $1000. If you fail, you have much more to lose than you have to gain by skimping on cheap untested study materials. Spend the extra money for the proven stuff.

thanks for the comments. It has helped me in deciding to go for the Schweser QBank…thanks.