how good is allen resources

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used allen resources, and how good are they? The test bank, and audio in particular… please advice…

the test bank is good, I used it for L1. Audio is boring, I couldn’t concerntrate with the audio.

did anyone use their exam pass guarantee and did it work out?

L2 Testbank is a letdown

dsylexic, could you please elaborate a little bit on why that is the case? are you a 2nd time taker?

kundik, i am taking L2 for the first time. i used allen for L1 and it was very good . The L2 test bank by comparison is not comprehensive nor is it in the vignette-questions format. there are certain sections (treynor-black methodology) which have no questions available at all.

understood, thank you for your explanation! i was thinking of signing up with them coz of this moneyback-if-dont-pass guarantee, but i guess there’s no point if their qbank is so poor…