how good is the secret sauce book guys

any clues?? would it help?

@ this point…no…my advice to you would be to pound the CFA material…online/mock practice tests…and end of chapter problems

…that being said…I’ve never touched a schweser book my entire life.

If you have read the material in the CFA text (once or twice) and worked through Examples and Problems then yes, I would recommend it. If you havent, then I wouldnt deal with it. Its more of a refresher (doesnt include all the information, just the highlights to get your brain to refocus on them).

are you talking about the fold out or is there actually a book?

There is the QuickSheet - a laminated fold out. Then there is the Secret Suace Book (about 270 pages) - thats what Im talking about. Its very high level …

i find it worthwhile, but at this point i doubt it would help much. even if you ordered it today it wouldnt’ get there till monday.

It’s good. You could read it like 3 times in a week and supplement it with your own notes. I like it.

Yep - the book is good IF you have read the material (and your own notes helps as well). I would not say its good if you dont have a high level grasp of the knowledge. It tells you what formulas to focus on as well, which is nice.