How good the availability is, if we change the test centre later?

I may move to another country by June 2013. But, right now would like to register, so that can get the curriculum books and start studying.

Wondering, if someone has experience in changing the test location around the deadline in March? Normally, do we get it or it is based on availability in specific cities? I’m not sure, which city I would move to, but it might be NYC, London or Singapore.

I’m not looking for the process of changing (there is a simple form on CFAI website), mainly trying to understand about the availability aspect.

you just have to fill up a form online for them to make the change for you.

Usual deadline for the change is mid-April.

If you move to a place that has multiple testing centers (pretty sure NYC is one of those) you might not get the closest center to you, that is the only problem. But that is a problem even if you were living in NYC and wanted a center there.

I did it, no problem. Easy.

Would you remember, to which city you changed and how early before the institute’s deadline to change the location?

I’ve done it twice. One pretty early once not so early, perhaps a month before the exam. Worst case you’ll have to take a short flight or train to another city. This is unlikely. Don’t worry about it.

The last day by which you can change the location is usually Mid April for the June exam.

And as ChickenTikka states - it is pretty easy to do so.

send an email to and they do provide precise instructions for the same.