How hacksaw are longine watches in general?

I got one as a gift and wanted to ask the snobbish folks here about how they are perceived?

There will always be people who think you have Longines, Ebel, Oris, or so on because you don’t have a Rolex, but there is nothing wrong with those watches themselves.

Of course, but given my lack of understanding about watches would they be entry level luxury watches or Hacksaw entirely?

The only watch I had until now was a Tissot which obviously wasn’t Luxury and just a step up from a Swatch .

Are there degrees of hacksawness? Is it a “spectral” thing, like autism or neurosis?

Or is hacksawness absolute, like pregnancy? Either you are or you’re not?

Wow. In my research regarding Longine watches, I came across this.

I guess my dad was right. I really don’t know sh!t from shineola.

I own that Shinola watch. I like it – although I wear a Fitbit watch instead.

I have an Australian colleague who is super status conscious and he wears a Longine watch. He knows the entire history of the brand, and has a story about how his grandfather bought it in Europe when he was in the army… I tease him mercilessly that he cheaped out on a Rolex, as is appropriate in this situation.

Well if Longines are the cheaper alternative to a Rolex,I’m happy. I will always be happy given that a cheaper alternative to Rolex is still out of my league.

Unless something is way out there, either something really weird or a top 3 or has a rare complication, it’s all the same to me and I wouldn’t judge either way.

my dad has a couple rolexes. and they tried to get me to buy a submariner. but the idea of wearing something worth 10k, even if it retains its value is scary. i’ll either break it or it’ll get jacked.

These watches are weird in that there is no such thing as a “cheaper alternative”, since the whole definition of luxury watch is that it is expensive. There’s no point in having some guy train 20 years to polish the tiny pieces inside of your Audermar Piquet other than you know that it was expensive and pain in the A to do it. When some douche football player wears a $300k watch on the field, do you say it is a watch with features A, B, C… or do you say it’s a $300k watch?

Basically, it’s a dick measuring culture. Some people, will try to argue that this watch brand has relevance to something that happened in 1930 or some other past period, but they are just self deluded. Most of these watch brands have been using the same factory produced ETA movements for decades and themselves just design the outside. The fact that people think there is historical significance to these objects shows how effective watch brand marketing has become. Even if the mechanical design of a watch has carried forward from the past, how does this make it better? There’s no other technology where people will pay multiples of what they would otherwise just because the design is old.

So anyway, if you ask me, most people can appreciate the manufacturing precision that is necessary to create these watches and finish them to a very high standard. However, it’s best to just treat these as blings and jewelry, and not attach some kind of inflated value based on what the marketing department of some company has told you.

^So does longines qualify as luxury in your book?

My impression is its like an NYU MBA. Not bad,but the guy didn’t get into Columbia.

If the watch looks good and you feel good wearing it, it is the right watch. People who know watches will understand that a Rolex or Patek is not for everybody, even if they have the money. People who don’t know watches may opine, but likely based solely on the marketing hype people hate.

You haven’t been around very long.

There are only four business schools - Harvard, Stanford, UTSA, and Hacksaw.

Well, if you paid $1k+ for a watch that does essentially the same job as a $10 watch, it is hard to say that isn’t a luxury.

^Couldn’t you say the same thing about a $15 timex and a $1k Shinola?

The only real status symbol that counts for anything these days is wearing what you want, when you want, and having the FU money to chuckle at the pettiness of status-mongers when they engage in catty discussion of the stuff you’re wearing.

if you want functionality. then you need an apple watch.

That’s pretty funny. Ouch.

what i dont understand is, why cant you buy a really expensive watch that appreciates in value to begin with. say a daytona or a rolex. whether its 20k or 10k. you look like a boss, and you keep getting richer.