How hard is it to actually find a job where you make six figures?

not getting question properly

Please don’t bump this trash thread of mine any further.



Okay will not bump

Reminding people not to bump this thread, tanks

I feel like I’m turning into the water coolers next terd - except a profitable one.

Ok. Let’s keep this thread on the DL

I’m gonna make $100K this year… and then send you guys giant teddy bears as gifts when I’m done.

Please. Watch.

We measuring in pesos or usd?

What’s going on? I was told there were live snakes?

I’m going to sell mine to buy food, cause of stonks


All of you.

I make 10k rupee an hour. I am multi millionaire in rupee tanks.

Some day - I’ll let you work in my hedge funds ops department.

For 99k a year

We talking Denver 99k or NYC?

Well, obviously it would be here. That’s a dumb question.

lol i heard vix reached its all time high. still holding?

Nah. I got out literally the same day it peaked. THIS is something I’m not trying to take credit for though. I literally timed it perfectly somehow, that was the luck part. But, buying VXX itself was not luck.

I’ll be the best ops guy you ever had.