How hard is it to actually find a job where you make six figures?

I’m talking a New-York $100K (so, like a Denver 90).

I don’t know about your background but most CS gradutes don’t have a hard time finding a job that pays around that figure in NYC.A friend of mine just signed a contract with Bloomberg for 110K + 15K signing bonus and he wasn’t the most genius among my classmates.

I think to SCB’s point, having a hard tangible skill set (like programming) makes a world of difference.

For some people, very hard. For other people, very easy.

The “Denver 90” is pretty easy by 30-35 for college graduates where I live(Minneapolis). You need to be reasonably intelligent and driven, and willing to job hop when you see it going nowhere, but it’s not some impossible dream of a bygone era. Some examples from my immediate circle of middle class friends.

Electrical Engineer- 4 year engineering degree, got a job with a big mechanical contractor out of college, is now a project manager making well over 6 figures.

Banking operations manager- A one time college dropout who finished his degree and took a job managing a call center for an online bank. Eventually jumped over to a retail bank in a similar role, now manages the operations for their online banking group. Multiple stops on the way up, but he’s making over $100K shepherding $16/hour through cubicle life.

Area transport manager for big food products company- generic state school business degree. Took an entry level-ish gig in their finance area working with their logistics stuff, jumped over to that team and worked his way up to handling parts of their Canadian transportation

Mortgage risk and compliance- my wife took a 30K/year gig when she needed to transition from managing bars/bartending to a real world corporate gig. She handled escrow accounts on mortgages. Literally button pushing on various tools to make sure they were complying with FNMA/FHA/VA regs. Moved over to an escalated complaints team, then to a handful of other roles in their escrow, insurance and payment solutions teams. She’s in a risk consulting role now where she is the laision between the GSE’s and the mortgage servicer. $130K and a healthy annual bonus.

HVAC- 18 months of tech school, some certification tests and a cushy union gig with the natural gas company. $36/HR base pay but 10-15 HRS per week of OT, triple time on Sundays and great benefits.

Analytics manager- started at $16/HR doing dividend recons for a regional bank, then into a perf analyst role supporting HNW clients, a few jumps to other firms for similar, better paying roles, then waited for enough people to move on that they put you in charge. Base+bonus will top 100K this year.

There’s also a diesel mechanic and a truck driver who probably pull $90+ but no part of it sounds easy.

Speaking strictly from my own experience and observation, getting to the $90-100K level is relatively easy within the first decade of big boy jobs. Moving past that is the difficult part.

This is about the best answer anyone can provide.

I mean he’s not wrong.

I had the same feeling, best Ohai response I’ve seen yet on the topic, probably one of the best I’ve seen without qualification.

Wait, there are folks here that haven’t cracked multiple six figures? Shameful.

100k in NYC is 90k in Denver? Maybe math skills would help get to 90k ha

I can pretty much guarantee that $90k in Denver is better than $100k in NYC…

Hey, 100k in nyc is not equivalent to 90k in Denver amiright6?

It depends to a large extent on the type of restrictions you place on the job.

For example, are you talking about jobs that are legal?

You asked a question with no answer.

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I’ve since recovered.


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I think 100k NYC equivalent should be pretty easy in Denver. If you aren’t there, I’d focus on learning more technical skills. I think average Lamda School graduate in USA is something like 80k

Better question how to crack 7 digits

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