How I did it...

It is quite a journey… You have to remain committed.

Level 2 is the hardest material wise

Level 3 is difficult because it is very subjective

Make a solid game plan ahead of time before you start study. I started early and finished 2 months prior to the exam to focus on nothing but questions. I recommend doing so many practice problems from the CFAI EOC and BB’s. Also, do all the old CFAI mock exams and the online quizes CFAI provides. No third party is better than the CFAI. Go straight to the source (yes they are hard but it will help you on the exam). Here is a good place that I saw to find notes online and old exams… . Also, it is good to review over time old sections that you read month(s) previously so when you get closer to the exam you don’t forget all of it.

Practice writing out the AM section. This will help you A LOT! The AM section is the most difficult for people. If you can do well on that, you wil put yourself in a good position to succeed.

Wish you all the best of luck. It took me 4 years, but its about the journey. Pain is only temporary.