How I do not look forward to my CFA results!

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. In fact I am already studying a a master’s degree in finance at a top UK university. Started August and I literally studied my bum off, probably over 400 hours.It didn’t take me long to cover everything and I even managed to go through the whole curriculum twice, Kaplan EOC questions and curriculum EOC questions. My biggest mistake was relying so much on the Schweser Qbank. Those were really easy and I was averaging in 80-85 on all topics. Mid November started doing past papers. In some I got low 70s (71,72) and in some high 60s (67-69). That definitely did not increase my confidence as I heard to be in a safe position you need to get consistently above 70. Did the two, 60 question sample exams on CFAI websitem, got 67 on both.

I am really not looking forward to the results. I was really neutral after the exam. Not too optimistic but didn’t think I did a bad job either. Now I am horrified. I know this is a small thing in life and I am not the only one going through this, but it is still difficult and easier said than done and those who want to tell me man up and face the reality. Well I am. This is merely a random rant, just to empty myself and possibly get a bit of closure from those who are (or were) in my shoes.

No matter what the result, there is one thing I know with certainty.I will be in the exam hall on the 1st of June.

Note: . For me I as I am sure is the case for many others, passing is more about increasing my self esteem. If I hadn’t studied and failed I wouldn’t get sad, but considering that this is Lvl 1 and I studied so much, and considering that I have a degree in accounting and finance. I would seriously be concerned about my career path if I failed level 1. Different story for level 2 and 3, i know u can study day and night for 6 months and still fail miserably.

Apologies everyone for this long and pessimistic rant. As I said I am handling this fine, however I have been meaning to empty my chest for some time.

Schweser questions are easy, but 80-85 is a good range. I would put a decent amount of money on you passing comfortably. Hang in there for another 8 days!

hang in there mate. Do something to distract yourself. I’ve been spreadbetting a lot in the past few days and the thrill of making or losing my little savings makes me forget which day it is or how close we are to the result day. The only thing i look forward to is the next market open.

Frankly speaking, there’s nothing more to be done at this moment regarding the exam, and you can’t always tell how it went till you get the result. I have seen many people score far less than you on their practise tests and they still went on to do incredibly well in their exams.

And frankly speaking, failing an exam isn’t the worst thing that could happen…although losing your little savings while spreadbetting could set you back a couple of days.

I am getting so worried myself. I have a chartered accountancy back ground and I cannot imagine going through studying for Level 1 all over again while working full time. I took tuitions and put in so much hard work. And now that I am studying for Level 2 it really freaks me out as I feel like I don’t know anything. And I am sure I had a complete disaster in the Project Management and Alternative Investments areas. So bummed out sad

I myself question how my result is going to be. It will be horrible if I fail, but I know its not the end of the world. I share the same thought with you of, no matter what, I’ll be taking the exam in June, whether it be a repeat of Level 1 or a start on Level 2. Either way, I am just as freaked out as you, but try not to let it get it to me. The worst that will happen is I fail, the best? I pass.

Either way CFA is something I have decided I am going to do and I wont let anything get in between me reaching this goal.

I also put in alot of hard work for Level 1 but I know I did the best I could in the available time. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do things alot differently. But thats life for you, isnt it? We learn from our mistakes and experience.

So no worries Guys & Gals, just hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst!

Hmm yeah I agree but still it does get to one’s nerves. Especially in the last week you know. Plus people all around me know about my exam and that’s getting intimidating too haha. Everyone keeps asking at work when my result’s coming arghh lol


That’s why i didn’t tell anyone at work i was giving the CFA level 1 a shot. If the results are good, i could let them know, otherwise, i will just keep quiet.

I needed to tell them so that I can get leaves. Here you can’t get leaves if you can’t give them a solid enough reason. Didn’t have any choice :frowning:

I took “vacations” leave :slight_smile: so didnt have to tell alot of people, plus the way my workplace is, telling them about me and CFA would mean another additional 5 canadidates! Too competitive here.

I got just 1 day leave before exam and 1 day for the exam

Vacations leave? Wow they that supportive there? Nah it couldn’t work out here that way especially when I was asking for two weeks off.

Vicky, you are a exceptional genius matey? 1 day exam leave and 1 day for the exam? Wow.

Did you get to study at work? My work keeps me so damn busy! I come home exhausted, thats why maxium exam leaves are a must!

Everyone thanks for your inputs and supportive comments. I really wish the best for everyone. Hope all of you who worked hard this time around pass the exam and get what you deserve.

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