How important is the field in first investment job

Didn’t find the best words to describe it in title, what I am trying to say is, when you start your career in a field for two years, you try to switch to an adjacent field, does the two year count as two or just 50% of it? My case is that I was offered an entry level analyst job in a local hedge fund with AUM at $4bn and still growing. The position is ina two-man team of Long-short funds starting soon which focus on HongKong market. They will leverage the strategies and methodologies from the rest of the company. I am not sure if I can work on HK market for the rest of life( I am well above 30) since the trading hours are form 7pm to 2am(3am in summer and early fall). The funds may not exists after two years if not performing well. Will I be able to land a job in a different hedgefund covering us market? will my experience counted for the most part? It doesn’t seem to have lots of Asian hedgefunds in the States now, though the trends is picking up. Also, should I get additional compensation(for example, 15% higher base) for working on this hectic schedule? Any comments are Welcome ! Steve

differences: - HKSE is different than NYSE/NASDAQ - different culture (companies, politically and socially) - different contacts while not impossible, i don’t think it’ll be easy to switch after a few years back to the US markets. you’ll get additional comp if they really want you, otherwise they’ll just give normal comp to someone who can do the job as well as you can. (nocturnals may even take a pay cut to get this job)

Thanks Billwest, for your honest comments. I guess I don’t have much bargaining power since this is my first investment job, so I will take whatever I was given, not ideal but that’s the fact. If I couldn’t easily switch to other venues, the only choice for me to not staying up as night owl forever is relocating to HK. I don’t know if I should smile or … Steve