How Important It is to Pass the exam.

Dear All What is ur stratergy if you do not clear this exam.

this is my second time sitting. if i don’t pass, i don’t think i’m going to try for a third. grad school?

I WILL PASS. I studied almost every single day since Jan 23 when I saw that word on the CFAI website: Fail. I did all readings and concept checkers (2nd time through), about 3500 qbank, all vol 1, 3 samples, 1 mock, and various other sources of questions.

I never went back and reviewed previous readings until around 2 weeks ago. I just read straight through + did the practice questions at the end of each reading in schweser/cfai… I’ll make sure to review earlier notes or do a Q-Bank quiz on earlier material at least once a week next time, whether it’s L1 again or (hopefully!) L2