How in the world should I prepare for this? Feeling very anxious. Any advice level 3 takers?

First of all here is how I passed level 1:

  • Casually reviewed all sections and took notes
  • Did all of the Schweser questions and then reviewed the ones I missed shortly before the exam
  • Read and studied the areas where I missed a lot of questions
  • Read over all CFA Institute questions (Practice exam and curriculum)
  • Did end of chapter Schweser questions

I was starting to study the same way but I don’t think it will work this time. It seems like the CFA Institute questions available are way different than Schweser. I also feel like there really aren’t that many CFA written questions to study from. Plus the CFA Institute doesn’t seem to do examples on all LOSs. I feel like when I read it doesn’t stick. I learn the best by doing. Does anyone have any advice?