How is callabe bond a type II liability

1.Callable bond do have uncertain payout date but they also do have uncertain payout amount depending on the interest rate , how it is a type 2 liability then.
2. I am confused on how contingent convertible bond are type 4 but not callable bonds

The market value of the callable will move opposite to interest rates, but if it is called, the call value amount is fixed, e.g. at par, 102, 103, etc.

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are you trying to say that we have fixed coupon income and even if the bond is called we have a fixed rate at which it will be called.
My question further is for callable bond,given the above,we still have uncertainty about future income in terms of whether it will be decided coupon amounts or it would be call amount if it is called , in this sense so it does behave like type 4- uncertainty in payout. then how is it type 2
Can you explain this part