How is Conover and Kuhlman

They will be teaching at Windsor with Filbeck… Any feedback

Conover was great last year…very nice guy to boot. He certainly was certainly not a factor in me failing

Did you take Conover in Windsor or local cfa society?

3 day session in April in Philadelphia

I thought Prof. Kuhlman was pretty good in my limited experience at some free, pre-season on-line seminar and sample video lecture. Filbeck was the best teacher on DVD lectures I used back then. (Kurlman was not on DVD lectures.)

I know both Filbeck and Conover from my “day job” - outstanding instructors both. They know their material inside and out, and have been doing it for long enough that they can give a lot of tips on how to approach stuff on the test as well. They’re also very personable and likable. I wish I taught half as well. As for Kuhlman, I can’t say.