How is everybody doing?

Not long to go to the exam, how is everyones prep going? Did you manage to stick to your plans or are you panicking right now?

For me, i’m finding it very tough. After ~4 months of this shit I can’t wait for it to be over, my personal life has taken a real backseat, i’ve done pretty much nothing but work and study. Haven’t casually gone for a beer with friends in a very long time. It also sucks that my time off has been withdrawn and I will be working right up to the end of next week.

Damn, i give mine in December, and reading this makes me feel…depressed.

^hey it’s not all that bad, some of the stuff i’ve learned is quite interesting, and it’s cool to see the parts that tie in with work and have a better understanding of my job in some aspects.

The CFA programme is a big committment (and this is just the first step), i’d hope that most of us knew what we were signing up for. It forces you to be super strict with your time and stick to a plan, otherwise you will end up making sacrifices/burning out trying to make up for lost time.

Pretty much same for me- since January I feel the only things I do are to work and to study. I allow myself around 2-3 hours per week free time with friends and that’s it. I even get used to that routine and wonder what I did with my free time before CFA :). Now is better compared to a month or two ago because 1) previous months were quite hectic at work so I used to work overtime a lot; 2) my results on the mock/ practice tests are high so I feel my efforts are starting paying off.

Hold it a little longer and you will be able to drink as much beer as you want (at least for a couple of months).