how is everyone doing on practice AM exams?

I have been having a hard time getting above 60 percent (took 2 AM exams so far), but it can be difficult to gauge since self grading is subjective. Grades are improving with each practice exam but just wanted to see how everyone else is doing.

what are your weak areas? concepts or calculations?

I did 2007-2009 and thought they were fair while at the same time boosting my confidence. Then I took 2010 and was devastated. I barely got one completely right in the first 2 questions (Individual IPS). It just got worse from there and time was a factor! I do not know maybe it was just coincidence that it focused on my weak areas so I am adjusting my study schedule to adapt. I will take the last and final mock tomorrow and see how it goes. That would be 2011.

2007 AM low 80s

2008 AM low 70s

2009 AM high 70s

CFAI Mock low 70s (Ethics was tough!)

Doing 2010 tomorrow. Good luck!

tough parts for me are getting into the swing of answering the individual and institutional PM sections how CFAI wants to see them, but that can improve with practice. calculations have always been my weakness in all 3 levels.

2010 was a bear of an exam for sure. time to review problems and do the PM section. I’ll check back in after a couple days, feel free to do the same.

So-so. Anywhere from lowish 70’s to lowish 80’s. Would be happier with marks solidly in the 80’s, but what can you do at this point? Just cram a few more questions, a quick once over and then it’s Saturday.