How is Everyone Feeling?

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to know how everyone is feeling this last week. I’ve been having crazy up and downs. Mostly downs where I feel that I don’t know a single thing. Anyone else have that feeling?

feeling like i have forgotten everything…

I have ups when I eat these oreo ice cream sandwiches I bought. Then I pop open a redbull, start reading, and the down starts again…

like shi@t

stressed out of my mind. book 7 is killing my confidence.

Damn guys… we need to boost our confidence… we all have read everything, done to many questions, exams, discussions of issues… we know our stuff… we’re all going to pass… we need to start thinking positively… BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

u know when u’ve copied lots of data on a disk n on the last minute when u try to open it… it says " cannot read- do u wish to format disk !!!"" hopefully its recover it b4 the d-day

hahaha… my hard disk is pretty fried as well… i need more ram because it’s really slow in retreiving data…

just think about what you’ll be doing one week from now…

I’ll be sleeping and getting ready for work :frowning:

I read like crazy for 3 days. I am feeling a bit burnout.

i’m feeling great!

I’m ready to beat this sucker on Saturday.

I came to this thread feeling $hit, but now feel better. Thank you.

going to bed with secret sauce and ethics books for most part of this week.

Bravo, I feel like giving exam today. Am tired of revising and forgetting and trying to retain again everything in the tiny 2% portion of my poor brain i use. But then, what would i do after Satureday??? Sharm El Sheikh!!!