How is everyone scoring on the AM sessions?

In order I did 69 on 2011, 79 on 2012, 82 on 2013.

Of course these are me scoring myself… I tried to alternate questions grading “hard” and grading “easy”.

Anoyone esle?

You are doing great. Im scoring in the range of 40-60% for am

Awesome scores if not too generous. I’m avg from 50-65 range. Sucks!

50-65 too.

Hoping a 60 will be good enough with a reasonable performance on the PM


Around 60%, and that’s being pretty strict on the grading (I except nothing less on the actual exam).

High 60’s/low 70’s. I grade pretty strictly.

68% - 75%. Like you, I try to alternate. If I give the benefit of the doubt on one, sure to be a stickler for points next time I come to a “toss-up scenario.”

How do you guys think they do partial credit on big IPS return calculations? For 2013, I had investable assets right, included all relevant Cashflows (correctly adjusted for inflation / taxes when appropriate), but incorrectly included the liquidity reserve in CF (stupid, I know). That was the only wrong item. Correctly added inflation at the end. Had I not included the liquidity reserve, I would have had it perfect. I gave 4/8, but I have no idea… maybe more? Less even?

Guess it would be the same if someone included the real estate in the investable assets, got all the CFs right, added inflation.

Any ideas?

I would hope a 5 or 6 given you got everything else spot on? Perhaps lose 1 mark for the mistake and one for not getting the correct final answer.

50-59 *feeling hopeless*

Hopelessness implies you know what the passing score is and how they grade. Odds are you don’t…so just keep chugging through.

55-70 range, marking it as harshly as I can. I definitely think the last few years have been trickier and more time constrained.

good question about partial credit for return objectives, I’d hope to get 6 or 7 out of 8 with 1 mistake but you never know, they could take a lot more off.

i keep on forgetting small details… used to swore about item sets. now i wish we didnt have to do essay i have the last week off. will make the days count

I dont get how you’re scoring your own morning tests without an answer key

Answer keys are provided

Yea, def not optimal. But, one value-add of Schweser if you’re using it is the mocks have a scoring key, so you can get a feel for the grading structure (like, 1 point for circling the correct answer in the template and two points for the explanation). Def rough estimates of scores tho

From what I understand (which is nothing), if we circle the incorrect answer in the template, then we get zero points for the explanation, even if its right.