How is everyones progress?

I am going to miss my deadline of finishing off the curriculum by the end of this month. Unfortunately I injured my knee badly - need an acl reconstruction next week. I think I will have books 1-5 completed, only leaving me book 6 and ethics from book 1. I don’t know if this will be helpful but I will be off from work for about 2/3 weeks so I expect that will help. Should I be worried with the progress I have made so far?

The only way you will know if you should be worried is to take a few sample/mock exams in order to gauge how much of the curriculum you have retained. Nobody is going to be able to tell you if you have studied enough based on the information you have put forth. As for me, I have covered the curriculum a couple of times and I am currently going back and working on mastering the concepts I have missed on the sample exams. Good Luck

Commadus, I’m just getting started with book 6, and need to go back and reread all of Ethics, b/c I don’t remember any of it, so we’re about in the same spot. I’m feeling pretty good about having an entire month+ to go back and review and take practice exams. I don’t have surgery, but I also don’t have more than a couple days off before the exam. Surely there will be recovery time for you to do lots of studying?

if it makes you feel any better, I finished Book 1 (but not Ethics), Book 2, and am in Book 3 now. So I have Book 3, 4, 5, 6 + ethics to read, then review. With your 2/3 weeks off work, I would not start panicking if I were you.

i am finishing my reading today!

Commadus, I don’t think you should worry. While you’ll be a little behind your planned schedule, you can make it up during your 2-3 weeks off. Without having to work, you’ll have plenty of hours during the day, more than enough time to catch up. So don’t worry too much… but keep studying hard until your surgery… and good luck!!

I’m schedule to finish re-reading the Schweser notes in the next couple of days and will take my first practice exam this weekend. I’m nervous; but, hopefully I’ll be okay . . .

i’m only taking questions of study notes, i should finish 4th book today, so last one to go. planning to finish all questiones before this weekend. of course, much more of the others. like i got a 300 pages’ exam review questions from schewer, plan to take 30 pages per day, so that willl be over 10 days work, which suppose to be finished begining of Nov. after that, 4 weeks remaning to take mocks as much as possible. if i can take each seesion (60 question) a day, that will be 60*28=1680’s questions . i will be more secured to pass. cross the finger!

have finished rereading the schweser books. currently brushing up on concepts using the secret sauce and doing qbank questions.

Currently finishing up SS15. I’ve been doing Qbank questions all along the way (more than 2500 so far). My goal is to be finished in the next two weeks and leave a month for review. I’ll probably spend most of the time re-reading CFAI and doing the practice exams in the back of each chapter.

I read about 75% of the CFAI curriculum (kill me). My plan is to not read the Ethics book, read Quant, and then read the Econ Schweser notes. Top those bad boys off with the sample exams from CFAI and then should be good to go…

I should be done tomorrow with the final reading, then it’s off to the q-bank for the remainder of time until exam date!

I got laid off. I’m a retaker who has not started preparing for December. I’m hoping solidifying the loose concepts and affirming the strong areas should do me well. Time just got away from me!

ditchdigger2CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I got laid off. I’m a retaker who has not started > preparing for December. I’m hoping solidifying > the loose concepts and affirming the strong areas > should do me well. Time just got away from me! ditchdigger - be careful man. . . keep strong with the studying…

Thanks man. I’ll be posting alot more from now until the exam. Failing (band 10) in June was such a hardship. At this time I’m submitting applications for grad school and need to spend some time preparing for the GMAT Exam which I take on November 3rd. After I take the GMAT, I will be spending 6-10 hours a daily on CFA material since I have nothing else to do during the day.

Same here… I was hoping to be done with everything by the 31st… but it will take me a few extra days to finish. I am definitely kicking it up a notch though, working longer hours at nights/weekends than I used to, just to make sure I am done by the 5th or 6th.