how is test organized

I can’t seem to find out how the test is organized (i.e. all ethics, then quant…) or is it all randomized and in no particular order?

Follows the order of the material in the book. Ethics, Quant, Econ, Etc… There aren’t always every kind of subject tho For example AM maybe ethics, Quant, Econ, FSA, Corp, Fixed Derivatives Then the afternoon Ethics FSA, Corp, Fixed, Port Mgt. Some subjects get covered in morning and afternoon and others get coverage in only one session.

thats wrong. all topics are covered in order in both the AM and PM.

Rolo550 is totally wrong. Why would you put up some completely inaccurate info like that? Each topic area is represented on both sessions.

are the questions in the exam in the order as they are presented in the cirriculum? e.g qu 1-20 ethics and quant, 20-32 eco etc.

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