How is the job market (financial sector) in Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Qatar

Turkiya, that is a ridiculous argument. Stracy is on-the-money. It seems that everything is fine until one gets in trouble in that part of the world. Imagine being prosecuted by the very people whose job is to protect you ! One thing not mentioned so far is that these places will not give you permanent resident status no matter how long you live there. In effect you are a second-class citizen. Hiya Turkiya Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I was not aware that WTO/US are considered as > human rights groups. > You can refer to ILO which is quite active in > these issues. And I strongly recommend you to read > some of their reports before using this platform > to swear at other people. Than, you can have a > better undestanding of immigration into these > countries and others as well in a comparative > framework. > > What you do is demonizing GCC countries and > denying the fact that the amelioration cannot be > achieved without looking into the source of the > issue (why do people from subcontinent try this > hard and sometimes endanger their lives to be able > to land a job in one of the GCC countries?) > > Sure, there are people who have been deceived and > ripped off (generally by their fellow countrymen) > to come to these countries. But it would be naive > if not idiotic to think that millions of labourers > are as gullible as you are to flock into GCC just > because they were deceived and still continue to > live and work there although they could have > achieved much better conditions in their own > countries. > > You might be someone from the subcontinent feeling > very strongly about the predicament of labourers, > which I find understandable to a certain extent. > However, taking only one facade of a quite > intricate global issue which is not limited to the > GCC and adding it to the already calsified > prejudices about the Arab world does not serve any > good. > > And finally, when it comes to talking out of a**, > insulting will not hide lack of intelligent > argumentation on your side.

If you explain why it is ridiculous, may be I would understand. On the other hand, the rape victim is a Saudi women, penalized by Saudi legal system. What on earth can you deduct from this incident that can relate to the working environment or finance profession in UAE? (Do you know that UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are two different states? Right?) If this is what you are pointing at, then that is ridiculous. Permanent residency is not an automatic right granted to foreigners. Conditions change from one country to another. Generally, after a certain period of legal residency and work in a country, foreigners can get permanent residency right and eventually nationality of the host country. In GCC, modern immigration laws are not in force and the concept does not apply. However, especially in UAE, ownership of property will entail residency right. For work permit (on your own) you should get foreign investor status. Naturalization is laso possible, however required residency period is generally longer than the one that applies in the western world.

Dubai is a growing economy with higher per capita income. A change from engineering sector to financial sector can be a difficult task to handle if you are not familiar with the financial operations of the company. Though there are many universities which offer master in finance which can be pursued by any graduate without an exposure to the financial sector and still gain knowledge on finance.