How is the pass score determined in CFA exam?

hey, this is my first time to register for the CFA, and i got average 90/120 in the Schweser notes 6 exams. But i have no idea about the pass score . it is said that the pass score is determined by a process that the top 10% scores around the globe are seleted ,and then multiply by 70% to determine the final pass score, right??

you will probably get a few nasty replies telling you to use the search function… That said, I personally find it suspicious that the pass rate is always *around* the 40% figure each year, it is almost as if they just take the top 40% and fail everyone else!

ZOMG! Use the search function! May your first newborn be eaten by a monster!

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score of the top 1 % multiplied by 70. I have heard that sometimes it is regionally scored, i.e, diff pass score for different regions. Not sure how true that is.

I seem to recall that they take the top 1% of scores and average them, then take 70% of that number to create a minimum passing score, though there was a post recently that claimed that this wasn’t quite right. Assuming that I’m remembering correctly after all, that would mean that the top 1% got a perfect score, then 70% would be the minimum passing score. Since CFA claims (or used to) that no one has ever gotten a perfect score, then it’s likely that you can squeak by with a little less, but how much less is a crapshoot.,736199 if you did a did a search on the last post on this topic you would find that one. Posted by a very respected member of the board. Read it.