How is the progress Afer's - Last week ?

So far I feel like very stressed and I think it’s pretty normal I wake up around 3-4 am and then put around 5 hours then take a break come back after 2-3 hours put another 4-5 hours plan is to put around 10+ hours everyday for this last week and its getting very nice. I feel like I am getting the concepts I had problems with and I am able to remember them, Like this morning I woke up and just put 200% focus started doing taxes and I was amazed that everything was drilled in my head in just 30 mins. What I am doing is just reading out LOUD LOUD LOUD … trying to focus alot… Still have to do Portfolio Management but will be finished by tomorrow with it and last 4 days all practice exams. It’s like I am don’t have high expectations that I will pass but I like to hope high. Hows everyone doing?? Any strategies/ suggestions for the last week ?

This past week + this coming week I am not going to any of my classes and just having my girlfriend sign me in. Lol, 10 hours a day of studying!!

Woooo … Seems like you are just looking for *anything optimal* for this last week SJZ huh ?