How is this possible?

So I was talking to a guy in NJ and dictating my postal address so he can courier me some documents - and he couldn’t spell, London, Kingdom or Cambridge. Seriously!

How is this possible?

Right now, there are bright college graduates who’re unemployed and there’s this guy who’se working in a (probably) nice office environment who does not even know how to spell Cambridge!

I really feel bad for those unemployed grads right now





He was probably confused by your thick Indian accent.

Thanks for reminding me that London is the capital of India.

I went to an international school in singapore for a few years - mostly kids from US - so if anything, he should’ve been able to understand me better.

I know what you mean.

Why, I’ve even seen some Level II CFA candidates who cannot spell “who’s.”

It’s appalling, I tell you.

Oops - that’s embarrassing.

But it does not invalidate my point







There’s nothing wrong with “who’re”; it’s a perfectly valid contraction of “who are”.

It was your mistake. In NJ they speak either Italian English, or Yiddish.

By the way, you had it wrong, Cambridge is spelled Caergrawnt.