how is your vision for the past couple of yrs?

CFA program completely fucked mine… Before I could drive day or night without glasses. Now i cant even drive during a day without them. After passing lvl 3, I ll get em lasered.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I should go in for a check. I had perfect vision before CFA. I’m sure this has had an effect on me.

did you turn 40?

Gotten worse, the text (12pt, standard font) on my computer screen is blurry if I stand 4 ft away.

CFA didn’t bother mine, but I"m very sure staring at this d@mned computer screen all day is. Makes me want to switch fields so bad. I really question my decision tree that lead me to finance. Should have done a field with more people interaction.

U bet, leaving monetary part aside, I would like to serve food and drinks to people, but here I am checking AF and mining Annual report

Focusing on a computer screen 1.5 feet in front has destroyed it more so than CFA.

Do you guys think the price of laser will get considerably lower in the next few years? I went for a checkup and they told me it would cost 3.5k for my vision. It was lasik. Still find it costly.

Ironically I’m going to get my eyes tested today. Fingers crossed! But I agree that work will have more to do with any deterioration than CFA studying.