how long did it take you to get through today?

took me half an hour. i guess that was expected with like 50000 users checking results at the exact same time!

21 mins

It took me about 20 minutes, it was driving me crazy

34 mins. brutal. and i couldn’t even log onto AF for 20 mins either.

way over an hour on cfa… same for AF except that i got far enough once to see the pass rates.

90 minutes… happy with the result tho!

a little under half an hour


Got it around 9:20… :slight_smile:

Kept checking between meetings, it was around 50mins. Everything (CFA and AF) were locked up.

more than 1 hour

I finally got in at 10:30 EST

30 mins

9 minutes

took me about 9.5 hours since I started right after midnight…started trying at 9 and didn’t get through until 9:35 or so

53 minutes

30+ minutes. Felt like 30+ days.

about 30 seconds. Maybe a minute tops.