How long does hedge fund notify you about offer after interview?

Hey guys, I recently interviewed with this hedge fund about a buyside analyst position which will convert to PM after six months. However, I haven’t heard back for about two weeks. Here is what happened: On January 22nd, I interviewed with its Shanghai Office Head (the position in based in Shanghai, China). He really loved my stock ideas and background. He told me would recommanded me during the interview. On January 29th, I flied to HK and met with the owner of this hedge fund, alone with all the investment team. On Feb 4th, I talked with its Shanghai Head again for over an hour. He expressed strong interest in me again. Then, Feb 6th to Fed 12th was Chinese holiday. During the interview, the HK owner told me would notify me in a week. However, by now I haven’t heard anything back yet. So my question is: 1. Do you think I should call them back? However, if they find out I am anxious, would they reduce their offer on me? 2. Basically, the company plans to launch another fund in China soon. However, due to the recent global market sellout, is it possible they didn’t get raise any money for the new fund and hence would not expand as they planned? 3. I know the Shanghai PM would love to work with me, how much their views weight when it comes down to hiring? HK MD only talked with me for an hour cause he was busy trading and market was down 10% in that week. I really would love to join this fund and truly truly appreciate any advice from you guys. Its hard to find hedge fund PM position based in Shanghai and I really don’t want go to HK for work. Thanks again.

I’d say wait another week, since this is probably the “slow” season in China and HK, because of CNY.

i agree. wait another week an then call, but don’t sound desparate.

heres a key question. when you flew to HK, who paid for the trip?. If they paid, and you flew business, then I think you are still in good shape. If you paid and flew coach, well, that might be another matter entirely.

I paid first, then they reimbursed me week after. I didn’t fly business even though the cost will be covered. Just fly coach, no point to waste company’s money no matter i am in or not. Thanks for the feedbacks.

if you last saw them on the 4th, then it’s still only “next week”. But if you don’t hear from them next monday, I would call them tuesday. You’re all professionals, so you’re entitled to know what stage of thinking they’re at - so you can make your own plans. You might not have any plans of your own, but you’re entitled to know where you stand just as if you did have other plans you’re working on. Keep it professional - talk as if you are peers. You won’t sound desparate. good luck…

One way to follow up will be to call the fella and wish him Happy Chinese NeW Year, ask him how he has been over the New Year, then bring it up casually. That said, if you want to do this, you have to call him the middle of next week since the 15th day of CNY will be on Thursday?

hey guys, thanks so much for all the feedback and valuable suggestion. I just found out today that they will NOT hire me!! market has been very very volatile in both China and HK, and this is what concerned me before. Seems the owner is taking all the money back and manages himself. anyway, sad day. But i will keep searching. Thanks all.

APM, sorry to hear the bad news. It sounds like you were really close, and hopefully you will land something even better. By the way, what were some of your investment ideas? No reason why the analystforum crowd cant profit off of your intelligence, right?

drs, sorry for the late reply, I was out for a few days. I think its the perfect time to build position in HK/China equity market. I don’t know how your foreign investor will be able to invest in China A share market, but HK market is certainly in play. I like the following sectors: Machinery, due to China’s continue urbanization and infrastructure. Good earning visibility through orders backlog Shipping, the current BDI overhang should provide entry point. The Iron Ore negoatiation finish will resume dry bulk shipping upcycle Gold, good play at weak US dollar and high China inflation Telecom, restrucring is on the way, buy fixed line with mobile network acquisition Renewable energy, solar power, wind power equipments are beneficiary of China’s environmental friendly agenda. I think China/HK shares will hit record high this year. Current market turmoil is good time to buy.

What are your plays on dry bulk shipping? Names like DRYS and EXM have been very volatile

I focus on the China market, so my top pick is China COSCO Holding (1919.HK). 1) constrained supply of new vessels as shipyards are full until 2010 2) China’s robust demand for iron ore and coal 3) port congestion in Australian, Brazil and India typing up vessel capacity 4) the continued tonne-mile effect from vessels traveling long distances. China COSCO is trading at about 9X and 7X 2008, 2009 PER, respectively. Undemanding at all in China market.