How long does it take for your body to readjust?

Every year i do an exam, for weeks after I feel exhausted and worn down, mentally and physically? months of low sleep and caffeine has its price. how long does it take for you to feel mentally and physically back to 100%?

When I’m not fat anymore

So . . . forever.

Damn… that escalated quickly, lol.

I usually take a small vacation a week or two after the exam. That’s probably the first time I feel like myself again. So a couple of weeks.

I usually take 7 weeks or so, but my schedule is a bit more crazy than most as i am also doing CA and FRM. I had a CA exam 1.5 weeks before CFA exam. I studied for 43 weeks last year and had two weeks off at the beg of this year up until 23 June. As you can imagine, after going that hard, my body is wrecked and i have some white hairs now to prove it. The week after the exam, I was getting pretty tired by 2pm. The weekend after the exam i slept over 20hrs in one day. Yeah, you’re not alone!

harsh as hell

Once you’re fat, you will always be a fatty no matter how many cups of green Juice you drink a day:-)…

fat for me is still like 11-12% body fat

for me, ‘readjusting’ was about trying to feel human again instead of a tortured soul, like getting used to not having to look down at a CFA book at every spare time I have. In the months leading up to exam day i had also starved myself of sex, drugs and alcohol. I broke that fast straight after the exam with pint of Guinness…Ai!

but yeah, if it’s a pass this year i’ll need at least 6 months to relax and learn to be human again.