How long does it take to get everything approved?


I’m in the process of submitting my application to become a member… Could anybody tell me roughly how long it takes from the moment we submit the application to when it gets approved?

I’m assuming they’re now recieving a lot of applications but I would like to get a rough idea. Thanks!

CFAI requires at least 10 business days. Even though they have approved within a day before! After CFAI approval, your application is sent to your local society. They too require 30 calendar days. I guess the society meets once in a month to review applications. You may be lucky to have CFAI send in your application to the local society just a day to the local society meeting, thereby getting society approval in one day. On the other hand, you may have to wait the whole 30 days. Nevertheless there have been instances where the local society don’t approve even after 30 calendar days. It could be that they went on vacation and what have you.

Awesome. Thanks Babsfrey.

I’m getting so antsy now that I’m at the final step lol

It varies a lot. Took me a week.

My work experience took 6 business days to approve. Still waiting on local society approval…24 days remaining!

One more question.

Do I have to pay my dues to the society BEFORE CFA approves for them to review my application? or is it after?

7 business days for me to get CFAI approval. I have waited 15 calendar days for my local society yet no end in sight.

it is after…