How long does it take you to answer 120 questions?

I find that it takes me ~ 100 minutes to answer 120 questions on schweser QBank with easy questions unchecked (with the easy questions it took me roughly 90 minutes). That’s only one pass though and often includes dumb mistakes. Some questions take like 20 seconds to answer, while the longest ones can take 4 - 5 minutes. Of course, during the real exam I need time to go back and re-run every calculation. I actually got a BA II Plus for this. I’ll run the initial exam with the HP12c, then do the recheck with the different calculator (should always diversify your portfolio ;), to eliminate the chance of fat fingering the same problem twice. I’m also going to memorize a short checklist of things to scrutinize my exam for (And write them down on the exam book as soon as i get it), including: -Checking I used std deviation and variance where appropriate and didn’t mix those up… -check to make sure I did beginning of period or end of period calculations where appropriate -make sure Earnings per share appropriately deducts preferred divvies -Add growth when given Dividend for period 0 -Check to make sure I didn’t mix up correlation and covar (this and damn std dev and var make me want to bang my head against the wall… How many times I screw this up!) I have a feeling on the real exam I might actually be SHORT on time considering the amount of things I want to do (recalc and recalc backwards with the answer to make sure it makes sense, reread every question, and check specifically for stupid errors)

One thing you can do is leave sums at the end and do the theory questions first. That way, if you fall short time, you know that whatever attempt you have made does no have silly mistakes at least. :slight_smile:

I think recalculating everything and re-reading everything will be overkill. Just take your time doing right the first time and you’ll be fine. It’s better to do calc once slowly than to rush through it 2 times or even 3 times. What if you get 3 difference answers?

exam smart, in case u still don’t know: :wink: is never review again. because u’ll more likely change a right answer to a wrong answer. regarding the time, remember u need at least 10 min to shade the answer sheet for 120 questions.

well 100 minutes is sufficient time to do all questions properly, then the remainder is used for rechecks. If I get different answers then I start doing things like writing out the equations to make sure I do things right

tennis_ball Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > because u’ll more likely change a right answer to > a wrong answer. That’s why I have a rule: No answer changes unless I can prove the original answer wrong, or the new answer correct with > 99% assurance. So basically I’m checking for miscalculations, misreads(like thinking MOST LIKELY instead of LEAST LIKELY), and incorrect usage of std deviation / variance. I also put marks on my questions to indicate whether I want to go back to them or not, and whether or not I’m allowed to break the no change rule for that question (like for ex: I’m torn between 2 choices and just randomly guess, at the end of the exam I might come back and spend 10 minutes to think it through). I also indicate how confident I am of my answer so when I come back I can decide how hard I want to look at it.