How long (hours) it takes to finish all EOC?

If I maintain the “exam speed”? Is in-text example more important? or the EOC? Is multiple choices in EOC more important? or the rest? Thx.

I did it all in about 2 weeks. Only EoC, was keeping a steady pace but not pushing hard. Also was working so weeknights only had a few hours. If you have off work you could do it in 5 days if you crank it out. I found quite a bit was not covered in just EoC, the blue box in the text has alot of important stuff too but i didn’t have time to do it all. Don’t just do the EoC Mult Choice, thats suicide, do them all.

are you asking about 1st time, 2nd time or 3rd time around?? kidding aside, 1st time it took days but I didn’t do them all at one time. And don’t forget those “blue” examples in the CFAI readings either…they are worth their wt in gold. If you have very limited time, do all the vignettes which are followed by “six questions” at the end of the chapters.