How long to do full set of EOCs?

I’ve gone through all the books and have just finished typing up notes for all of them. My plan from here is to hit the EOC questions once, possibly twice, then hit the exams for the last two/three weeks. I realise we all have different experiences, but I’m keen to hear how it has taken you to do the full set of EOCs (hours).

Any feedback on this appreciated. For guidance, I’m planning on 25 hours per week, so would like to think I could rock through the EOCs twice in 5 weeks (125 hours). Would twice be overdoing it? Better to do all BBs and EOCs once then go over CF, FSA, Equities again?


By the way, I am planning on buying practice exams but no other materials (eg, qbank).


I would definitely hit BBs in the core areas as well…and some take a long time.

^Do you think even the small weighted topics are worth the BBs/EOCs or think it’s possible to just nail w/Q-bank? Keep thinking that it might be better to just go hard on the major weights - not sure if I’ll retain anything doing them once so is it worth it? (I’m probably just being stupid and want to focus on the concepts rather than test and realize HOW much i don’t know from the official books…)

Ive been wondering this as well. People keep saying how long theyre leaving in days but not really hours. I got started way late so ive been hitting content with a goal of around a reading a day (4 hours of schweser; watching vids/reading/concept checkers) and am weighing when I will need to switch over to CFAI EOCs. I definitely learn better with questions so I feel theyll be more important than reading if Im out of time and have to cut something.

Im anticipating 2hrs to do the EOCs at the end of each reading for about 100hrs total. Counting time to review and work thru BBs if Im really struggling on a concept.

On average, its taking me 1.5 hours to complete 1 reading EOC and review each answer. This is not factoring in the ridiculous ~50 problems per reading in Corporate Finance, and such.

Is it taking some of you guys the same amount of time to go through EOC?

Thanks guys.

I’ve just started this week, and it’s been all about FRA. I’ve been going through that at about 2 hours per reading, possibly a bit more, but these are the tricky ones, in my view. As such, I think your estimate of 1.5 hours per reading is about right.

My new plan is to do all the EOCs, then go over BBs for equity and FRA. Whatever formulas I don’t have down by that point, I’ll memorise, hit the practice exams in the last two/three weeks and just go for it - can only give it my best!

Any more advice re BBs and EOCs, and what we can economise on (or should specialise on) when going through these questions would be welcome.

Thanks again