How long to get through all readings?

I have Schweser notes and plan on relying on them throughout my studies. I had almost completed Econ when I stopped studying because I thought I’d be starting a corp fin. job and could afford to put off the exam until next year. I’m wondering if I can still complete the readings and have enough time to take a few mock exams. I majored in finance and minored in accountancy and have no job, so I’d be able to put in a lot of hours per day. How long have people been taking to get through the entire curriculum? The last sign up is on March 16th so I have to get going on this.

Honestly, it takes a long, long time. I would give it a shot if i were you, especially if you have no job (more time to catch up). Worst case scenario, you fail and get a good grasp of the exam for next year. If you study everyday like a maniac, it’s do-able. Good luck.

at the least stay up to date with schweser (or similar) online classes, that way you have some overall idea for next year. I think Econo is time killer (first half of econo is not exam worthy material); instead target other chapters that are complex and exam worthy (ex: derivatives , portfolio management)

cfalevel2011, I definitely agree with that post. Eco might be the biggest time waster, specifically the first couple chapters.

Any definitive time frame (months)?

time frame for what?? You have right background (finance)-if I were you, I’d spend time on CFA curriculum and not 3rd party notes.

Time frame - meaning how many months does one spend reading through the materials. Maybe an hour total would be more helpful so I know how to allocate my time. Also, I agree with the above posts. Most of Econ is pointless

here is how I am approaching and come June/July, I will know if I am doing right -watched schweser vidoes twice (from last to first) by christmas -solving problems from CFA curriculum , both EOC and examples (from last volume to first). I am not paying attention to time, but I should be over with them by Apr and I plan to spend May doing practice exams. I am not retaining most of them, but I am sure I will be able to pick them up quickly when I review (based on my level 1 expierience) These days I feel there are some topics that are high probable in exam and complex to follow in first reading (may be there is 30% such material in whole curriculum) and I wish I had directly attacked them instead of going book by book (hint for you). I work in IT/software; I purchased Schweser premium package and it didnt took me too long to figure that was the wasted money/material. look at some of AF threads on Band10 fails and you will realize EOC prevails over Schweser notes