How long would it take you to do all the EOC CFAI questions?

I am trying to pace myself. I haven’t counted how many questions are there but I was thinking of doing perhaps several sets of questions per day starting from Book 1 to Book 6.

Put differently, how long did it take you guys to do it?

It takes a lot of time.

I remember Level 1 questions took me around a month to complete.

This was with both Wiley and CFA EOC and In text examle questions.

I am guessing it will take around the same time.

You could expect atleast 15 days to go with it. Especially if you are doing it for the first time.

I decided since I already did them in my first pass of the curriculum , and understood them, my time would be better spent doing mocks and topic Tests. If you started now you wouldn’t be done until May. Not worth it.

I think i’ll be done by May and use entire month of May for mocks, topic tests, and Schweser exams.

omfg a lonnnnng time

i counted for each case question, like 6, it takes me about 30 min to go through a set during the first run

I recently completed them all for the first time. This acted as a second pass at the material, some of which hadn’t been looked at for 3+ months. It was very useful.

There are only 40 chapters you should actually do EOCs for - exclude the ones without 3 answer questions e.g. QM and exclude any non item-set style questions.

On average 1 hour per EOC, some much quicker and some slower. So 40 hours.

I’ve got an Excel for tracking progress. I didn’t make it to count EOC PP, but it has a count of each.

The sum of that column is 1083 (mean = 23.0; standard dev = 14.7, mode = 6, ). If question has a part A, Part B, I could each of the parts as separate questions (so, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3 = 5 questions) – but I was inconsistent at that at the start so my number may not be perfect.

1083 * 3 min per = … anyone. Anyone have a calculator? I suck at math. Say … about a year.

I got an Excel for portal topic tests.

Mean 64,82. Median 58,5. Mode 50. Average solving minutes per vignette 14,79. Didn’t calculate stdevpt but seems there are few positive outliers.

CFAI EOCs vignettes are much more easier to solve. I am currently doing review of entire material and solving them again. Average 75 % sucess with about avr 8 minutes per vignette. There are EOCs with only 1 vignette with 6-8 questions but there are some chapters with even 4 or more 6Q vignettes. The recorder is first chapter EOCs in Corp. finance. 50 questions overall.

I figure it would take me at least 20 minutes.

Maybe even 30.


I’ll found out in 2 weeks, hopefully.

Still haven’t gone through the practice bootcamp.

wait, easier to solve compare to what

^compared to portal topic tests. Is it not clearly and logical stated above?

wait whats the difference, maybe I am just being dumb, whats a portal topic test

log in to your CFA account on CFAI portal

down right side click on your candidate resources

then click on topic tests and mock exams

you will find tests for each of 10 CFA L 2 topics and mock exams

Actually regarding the CFAI Top test, do you guys know if we can print them out? Looks like we can only do them online and they’ll also time you.

Regarding the question on EOC questions, for item-set questions I can still do them around 20 min / set, but I really hate those questions that are NOT multiple choice question. I’m thinking of skipping them and just get more item-set questions from sources like FinQuiz etc.

oh wow, i have not started on those yet, sh**

Don’t worry. You’ve got a plenty of time…