How many Americans...

Have heard of Shah Rukh Khan? And did you know he has 12-pack abs? And washboard lats? And he’s the richest man in the history of the world?

I know all this. At least since Friday, I do.

And I would totally suck his abs and his…

I heard that he is so verile that he can impregnate men.

I don’t always fap to Indian actors, but when I do it’s to SRK.


According to a recent CNN poll, exactly 0.00304 %.

SRK in newjersy


5’9" to 5’10" actually…whats the height of tomy of MI series??

5’10"? Is that in heels?

What is the height of Tommy of Mi SERIES or DEcaprio of Wolf of Wall street??

Dude, Bruce Lee was, like, 5-3, and weighed about 90 pounds. Would you laugh at him, too?

Irrelevant, since you wouldn’t eat sushi off of either of these mortals’ abs?

5’8" and 141 lbs. Don’t mess with the Bruce.

(That’s 0.0017272 KM tall and 6.396e+7 mg in mass for our metric friends.)

Go study for CFAL2 brah…

Don’t waste time on SRK…

Is SRK a Charterholder? Because, it not, what’s the point in proceeding?

SRK + CFA = nice, suckable abs for gaymen.

CFA with abs > CFA without abs


lols…What most charterholders make in a year…SRK makes in a day…

He still can’t get a reservation at Dorsia so f’uck him.