How many chapters / study sessions per day?

Folks who are in the 1st / 2nd revision, how many hours are you putting in everyday? How many chapters / study sessions are you covering per day. Your inputs will be very useful as I’ll be finishing the 1st reading only by this weekend.

I started my 2nd review last wednesday and i just reviewed and exercised on chapter 22 intercorporate investments which I have to say is my most hated chapters; took me 3 hours alone. Also I have not covered PM yet not even once but I guess I ll just make it part of my review I have started and since it come last that should be fresh. I am putting 4 to 5 hours a day from like 7pm to 1pm with a few 10 15 minutes breaks and a bit more in weekends. I started studying in March so I m just closing in on 200hrs and shooting for around 300. Will shoot to do about 3 mocks during last week and review weaknesses.

But for exemple I went through ethics in a day, econ in 2 days, first study session of FRA in 1 day. chapter 22 in 1day haha fuck that 22!

Cool, thanks guys. I’m working on an unrealistic target of 150 pages a day, since I’m on a 1 month sabbatical.