How many days are you taking off?

Not sure…

4 - just so it wasn’t a full week. Work has been absolutely dominating for me this time around, have gotten nothing done on CFA on weekdays.

Two weeks. Need to give myself the best chance of passing.

are you planning on going over every subject or just taking mock exams/checking them the whole time?

Mocks and reviewing weak areas

4 days

haven’t studies on work days as well, only week ends so far

Two weeks. My company gives me a week and I’ll burn vacation days on the other week.

half day…(need to sleep eariler and fight with the beast)

Got 3 weeks off, felt I needed that for the last part.

1 day :expressionless:

I took two weeks off before the exam last year

For Level I and II I took 3 days off before the exam. Work has been crushing me this past month, so I’ve decided to take 5 days off leading up to the Level III exam. I feel like this should be sufficient.

Got 14 working days off/ 3 weeks

but i’m back in the office the friday before the exam.

I’m taking 2 weeks, which means I’m spending 9 vacation days and a National holiday. I took just a week for levels I &II but I think this time I need more… in addition, could be last days of CFA studying (hope so)


zero zip zilch nada sifir

5 days.

4 days for the Memorial Day week. Feel like the last week before the exam won’t do too much.