How many days do you take off prior to the exam?

How many days do you take off prior to the exam? Seems like most take a week off?

I usually take 3 days off since I may slack off if I get anything more than that…


33 :slight_smile:

My company gives us 3 days per level for professional development but I also took off an additional 4.

I’m just taking the two days before off. I tried doing the whole week off before and didn’t think that was helpful.

I have to feed my dogs.

Thursday and Friday off

One week before the exam and fours weeks after the exam.

One week before and 2 weeks after.

~ 40 days. If I don’t pass, I will kill myself.

3 days off,

Wednesday: full day of mock exams, 2018 am and a Schweser pm + review of both.

Thursday: full review of completed mocks (8 am 5pm) + review of CFA Qbanks

Friday: Ethics + GIPS review and re-read some LOS that I’m less comfortable with.

I left my job at the beginning of May following Q1 bonuses lol. Starting the job search after June 15 :slight_smile:

I bet you saved a few weeks for Xmas too :grin:

I have Thu and Fri off (plus today is/was bank holiday) but can’t do wonders couple of days before the exam. I’ll just re read my formula sheets and notes.

Stop giving them ideas on ethical dilemmas!