How many days to take off before exam?

What do you think is the optimal amount of days to take off work before the L2 exam? I have a few extra days stored up so I can take almost a month off - is that a bit excessive? Most people are suggesting 2 weeks as optimal. Phrased another way - how many days would you take off (if you had 1 month of vacation days to spare)?

If you really want to pass this thing, take the whole month, why risk it if you can take 4 weeks off? There is a lot to know very well like the back of your hands. You do not want to have to take this again, trust me.

I have no vacation left and since my company is not sponsoring me, I wont get any days off for studying. You should be happy that you got a month…and yes it is excessive IMHO.

a month! I get May 31 off (memorial day) and am taking the rest of the week before the exam off too. Now i just need to negotiate with my boss to not have to use my vacation days.

I only took 2 days off because I want to save most of my vacation days.

A month?! Will you not study up until then? I’m planning on a day, maybe two before the exam. Memorial day adds an extra full study day that week. Use your weekends and nights wisely and vacation time for a true vacation.

I will maybe take a day, two tops. I’d rather save my vacation time. If you put in the necessary time in the 4 months leading up to the exam, the last 3 or 4 days won’t matter much in my opinion. After +350 hours of preparation, an extra 20 hours vs. extra 6 hours won’t make any differene. I believe it’s called law of diminishing returns.

If I had an employee take a month off before the exam to study and then they failed, I would make them the laughingstock of the office, tease them mercilessly and then fire them. Seriously, 1 week before the exam I can tolerate. Though the better option might just be to take off the the 4 or 5 Fridays leading up to the exam to study so you aren’t cramming.

1 Day. I’d get fired if I took off a month.

I took a week off for L1. I spent 2 of my vaca days and my firm gave me the other 3. I think I studied around 70 hours that week. Due to poor time management I spent 2 of those days flying through Ethics and Econ in Schweser. Provided that you are already prepared enough I think that 1 week would be sufficient.

I’m taking 2 weeks off like I did last year, and highly suggest it as long you as don’t burn yourself out.

Some very good points. After going through that I believe I’ll take 2 weeks off. I dont want to burn out and for me personally, I think my ‘optimal’ point of studying per day is 4 hrs… after that its hard to absorb anymore material. Also, as “L2Sucks” eluded to, taking a month off adds unnecessary pressure to pass!

I’m taking 3 days off as of now, but I may take the extra two depending on how I feel going into the last month.

I’m taking a week off before the exam. For Lvl1, I managed to put in about 8-10 hrs a day a week or two prior to the big day. Of course, that’s spread out. Say, 2-3 in the morning leading to lunch time, another 2-3 mid afternoon and 3-4 at night. Man, that was tough.