How many decimal places for Level I?

The rounding on my calculator is often different than what is rounded on the answer choices. How many decimal places are we supposed to use on our calculators? I am using 4 at the moment. Thanks in advance.

I always did 5. I’m sure 4 is fine as well but I wouldn’t use 3.

I thought 3 was fine. Better than the 1 decimal place I was using before I figured out how to change it, 5 min before the exam.

set it to 9 so that it rounds when it can and gives full # when it cant. store values with the STO function for easy access. that way you dont have all those 0s for no reason, i dont see why anyone would do anything less than 9 for this reason alone

4 is pretty good

4 is pretty good.but i remember,for some calculations , u need it to set to 6 (Derivatives , i think)

I always used 4. But one of my students once pointed out (rather intelligently) that using 4 decimals means that you are effectivly using 2 decimals when expressing percentages in decimals. I still (rather stubbornly) work with 4, but it really doesn’t make a material difference.